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Selected works for streaming

Children´s films:

Directors: Jacob Wellendorf & Catherine Kunze

A series of five magical-realist stories about Chloe and Thea, two little girls who go off exploring their building in search of adventure: behind the neighbours' doors – right around the next corner. 

Age 3-9.

Experimental films:

Director: Jacob Wellendorf

Tobias Klein is stuck in an airport hotel. Far away from home, trying to escape the pain, he has lost his grip of reality. The film questions the limits, we normally perceive as absolutes. The borders between space, time and substance, between reality and imagination.

Director: Catherine Kunze

Always on the move - but never arriving...

”Splendidly emotive. Enjoyable director’s ability to portray a mood overall…” 

Filmfestivalen AFIA 2006.

Directors: Jacob Wellendorf & Catherine Kunze

Thea is three years old. She is camping in the French mountains with her parents and her five year old sister, Chloe. Thea and her sister are best friends but one day Chloe gets a new friend.

Age up to 7.

Directors: Jacob Wellendorf & Catherine Kunze

Two little Danish girls on adventure in india

Age up to 7.

Scriptwriter: Jacob Wellendorf. Director: Kassandra Wellendorf

The films takes place in a universe of laundry, water, foam and soap bubbles. The characters are children's clothes.

Age up to 7.

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